TPI sets itself apart from the competition through the use of leading technology to provide you with secure, fast, and fully backed-up payroll systems.


TPI boasts one of the highest levels of secured data protection available for your payroll needs. Our comprehensive 10-layer system will give you peace of mind.

Our 10 Layers of Security include:

  • Encrypted Off-Site Data Backup
  • Business Continuity Service
  • 15-Minute Backups
  • Data Encryption
  • Application Security Levels
  • User Authentication
  • SSL Encryption
  • Redundant DELL Servers
  • Enterprise Class Firewall
  • Physical Secure Site in enterprise collocation facility

Our Backup and Storage Systems

Do not worry about loss of information, our payroll system offers you the highest level of safety!

In a SaaS hosted environment, TPI provides a completely redundant and fault tolerant structure. Our collection facilities across the country allow you to maintain your physical systems hardware on-site while enjoying the benefits of our data collection center, such as:

  • Precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with incorporated redundancy for Internet circuits and servers
  • 24×7 monitoring and power back-up systems to ensure zero downtime or minimal disruption in operations due to power failure
  • High-capacity, reliable power generators
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems
  • Sophisticated on-site security with biometric & card level authentication

Data that is stored on the NAS is first compressed and then encrypted with 256-bit, AES Encryption the standard used by the U.S. Government and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Our system fully integrates the latest industry standards. Our payroll system was developed ASP.NET framework and MS SQL Server 2005 database and is designed to scale and support significant growth, so it will grow with you.

We do not require any desktop installs, plug-ins, or applets, but our fast processing will make you think you are running the software right off your own computer!

Here are some of the many advantages to our payroll system:

  • No downloads or updates
  • No special network or firewall configurations for you or your company
  • No need to update your connectivity software
  • No IT department needed
  • No need to sync files
  • Access the system anytime 24/7, anywhere you have Internet access

You also gain some valuable services that are not possible with PC-based software:

  • Employer-level self-service. Allows you to be more involved in the process if you choose.
  • Employee self-service. All employees from your company can have access to their own payroll-related information.




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