About TPI

Our Background

TPI - True Payroll IntegrationThe professionals at TPI have over 100 years of combined experience in the payroll, HR, insurance, and banking industries. Our experience gives us the edge over the competition. In fact, after 20 years we still have the loyalty of the first client we ever signed. As independent business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis.

What We Offer

Unlike the competition, we believe that our client’s money should work for them and not for us. We successfully use our expertise in payroll processing, tax-filing, and banking to help you to improve your overall cash flow. We have fixed pricing on payroll, so there is no nickel-and-diming you on each service. This helps in your budgeting process and allows you to have more predictable costs. We offer a customizable suite of Payroll, HR and Benefit Management Solutions.

Our list of services is extensive because we know that no two clients are the same. We promise to work with you to find the best fit for your specific situation. We are extremely flexible and can accommodate your needs with ease. Our service team is unparalleled; we promise to always answer your call and even provide on-site service if necessary.




2349 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825